Welcome to the Rensselaer Central School Corporation 10 Day Project

Kuglin Consulting is pleased to conduct the 10 Days That Will Make a Difference – Learning to Become a Digital Educator program for the Rensselaer Central School Corporation. The Ten Day framework, through a train-the-trainer model, focuses on the balance between instruction, assessment, and the effective use of digital tools and resources. The program is designed to promote higher order thinking, engaged student learning, and authentic assessment practices in the classroom. These elements are vital characteristics of 21st Century teaching and learning. In addition, the Ten Day program will help educators in the RCSC make a direct connection to the district’s new overall goal of “Improving Student Achievement Step by Step.” Ten Days is a unique program combining the best of educational practices with the most innovative technologies available today. It will also build internal capacity to draw upon as a resource to keep the district moving forward with professional development.

Please use this page and the associated pages down the left hand margin to access more information during the various sessions. Good luck and hope you enjoy this unique professional development opportunity.

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Main Presentations

1. The Opening

2. The Challenge

3. The Trends

4. The Model

5. Ten Point Personal Tech Plan

6. The Closing

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Social Media for Education

Leading Innovation through the Cloud

SideVibe Presentation

The Flipped Classroom

The Speak Up Survey

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